Oxford Grove Art Online Database-Trial Version
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We have privilege to access the   trial version on OXFORD Grove Art Online Database till 25 September 2018.  It can be accessed  from the link  http://www.oxfordartonline.com


About Grove Art Online

The Grove® Dictionary of Art is the unsurpassed authority on all aspects of the visual arts, with 30,000 signed and peer-reviewed articles contributed by nearly 7,000 international scholars. Grove Art features entries on artists, architects, craftsmen, patrons, movements, locations, and periods, as well as bibliographies for further research and thousands of searchable images made available through Oxford’s partnerships with museums, galleries, and other outstanding arts organizations. First published as the landmark 34-volume Dictionary of Art, the dictionary now lives as an online resource, published by Oxford University Press. Grove Art has an editorial board of distinguished art historians who guide its development, led by its Editor in Chief who works closely with the publishing editors at the press. Grove Art also has an advisory board of art historians, art librarians, and art experts who advise on functional enhancements and the needs of existing and emerging users of the resource.

Grove Art is a living resource, with scholars and specialists from around the world continually reviewing and updating existing content and contributing new articles. In addition to the vast number of entries on the visual arts, Grove Art features a host of exceptional learning resources that organize the content for use in art and art history classrooms, making Grove Art an essential source for scholars and students alike. 


Key features of Grove Art include:

  • 30,000 signed articles and images on every aspect of the visual arts
  • Over 6,000 subject entries and over 20,000 biographies, contributed by nearly 7,000 international scholars – all with bibliographies for further research
  • 7,000 searchable images from such outstanding organizations as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as 40,000 editorially selected image links to museums and galleries, which provide essential visual support for art history scholarship
  • Free learning resources including subject guidestimelines, and resources for educators designed by the Museum of Modern Art (New York)
  • Content updated regularly to reflect the latest scholarship, with new articles and images, revised articles, additions to bibliographies, and corrections.

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